Security Measures

Respect for the prevention of COVID-19 contagion begins with the individual responsibility of the attending public not to go to the appointment for which they have reserved locality if they present some symptoms of the disease.

The enclosures have a double security perimeter. The doors for each show will open 30 minutes before the start of the show, so the public is asked not to come before that time to avoid unnecessary crowds. Once they approach the enclosures, they must respect the signs that will be in the waiting area of the accesses. There will be hydroalcoholic gel at the entrances.

Inside María Pita (Nonito Pereira stage) or Santa Margarita Park (Jaime Manso stage), an accommodation team will place the public in their seats.

The seats will be separated from each other 1.5 m to respect the physical distance set by health authorities.

The tickets will be nominal, so it will be possible to provide the details of the two people to be identified when they arrive. It is sought to avoid crowds and to ensure visitor-capacity is not exceeded, as well as to identified people in the public for health reasons of prevention of COVID-19.

Each day at 10:00 h the virtual ticket office is opened to get free tickets for attending the events that will take place two days later. Thus, tickets for Friday’s concerts will be available at that time on Wednesday 5th; Saturday on Thursday 6th; and Sunday on Friday 7th.

Is it possible that I could stay in my seat if I have a ticket for the next concert?

No. Sites will be emptied between each show in orden to clean them them.

Is it allowed to take your mask out for smoking?

No. Access to the enclosure means respecting the rules to maintain safety, and always wearing the mask is one of them.

If I go out, can I go back in?

Once someone in the audience leaves the enclosures, they will not be able to access it again.

People living together, can we bring our chairs closer?

It is not allowed to exceed the interpersonal distance of 1.5 m (except people who, justifiably, require companion for reasons such as people with reduced mobility).