As with the rest of the shows of the “Fiestas de María Pita 2020”, the concerts of the 34 Noroeste Estrella Galicia will have a limited capacity to a maximum of 400 people. All concerts are free, but you will have to book your ticket in advance.

The issuance of the tickets that will grant access to the shows will be through a digital platform accessible on this website through buttons like the one you will find at the foot, and also in the URL To promote the absence of paper, a QR code will be provided to the public, which they can display on arrival at the venue through their mobile terminal.

This online ticketing space is shared with the rest of the events of the city’s festivals and will be governed by the same rules.  In other words, each person can only book a maximum of two seats per show.

The distances between seats cannot be changed, except for those people who need to be accompanied for a justified reason such as reduced mobility (there will be space reserved for them).

People attending the shows must always wear a mask (except when presenting proof that they are exempt from doing so).

At the end of the show, attention must be given  to the instructions of the accommodation team to evacuate the venue, therefore, for each of the concerts, the spaces must be completely emptied of public to proceed with the sanitation of the furniture between the assemblies.

If the health situation so requires, the shows may be suspended.

How many tickets are allowed to book for a concert?

A maximum of two per person.

When can I get tickets to Friday's concerts?

From 10:00 h on Wednesday.

When can I get tickets to Saturday's concerts?

From 10:00 h on Thursday.

When can I get tickets to Sunday concerts?

From 10:00 h on Friday.

Do I have to give the details of the person who accompanies me?

Yes. Tickets are nominal. The purchasing person must identify the accompanying person

Do I have to identify myself at the entrance to the venue?

Yes. The data provided in the reservation will be verified and people must be identified by means of ID or similar.

Do I have to present the QR of the ticket on my mobile or can it be printed?

It can be printed, but the option of the whole process being done without paper is provided.