A musical proposal adapted to the current context

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The “Festival Noroeste” celebrates in 2020 its 34th edition that will be held on 7th, 8th and 9th August. This is a musical offer that was born under the protection of the A Coruña summer festivities. After more than three decades of history, it has been adapted to the current times to become a benchmark. The “Noroeste Estrella Galicia” is a unique event, generating an economic and promotional impact that brings to the city a great repercussion, not only at Galician level, but also at the state and international one.

A date with history

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The festival, that is an extra incentive to visit A Coruña in August, has a loyal audience each summer. Concerts on the Riazor beach, with thousands of followers, were a meeting point yearned local generations, but also for visitors. Although the chords of the then called “Noroeste Pop-Rock” did not reach the sand until 1989.

The Noroeste Estrella Galicia Festival is seen as a cultural proposal accessible to a public of almost any age. It was the first rock concert for many “coruñeses/as”, an experience that they began living as a family with their parents and then shared with contemporary friends.

For his different stages passed artists such as Patti Smith, The Pretenders, Los Planetas, Immaculate Fools, Status Quo, The Cure, Los Suaves, Simplye Rede, Ariel Rot, Joe Cocker, Sidonie, Los Mambo Jambo, Guadi Galego, Eskizos, Budiño, Sex Museum, Freedonia, Ivan Ferreiro, Siniestro Total, Os Resentidos, Burning, La Unión, Luz Casal… The list is eternal and full of contemporary music references. In this edition bands such as Triángulo de Amor Bizarro and Viuda Gómez y Hijos repeat, the latter integrated the lineup of the debut year: 1986.

A volatile context that prompted a reformulation and a return to origin

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Due to the global health emergency situation, cultural events in general are having to adapt to a completely new and changing situation. The 34th Noroeste Estrella Galicia Festival does not escape this context. This year’s edition saw its program changed several times due to the health crisis caused by the pandemic. The event was rethought due to COVID-19 and returns to its origin with a commitment to the Galician bands.

The organization of the festival is aware of the need to propose to the public a 34th different edition. People’s safety will be a priority, but without forgetting or relegating the values of the Noroeste Estrella Galicia. Taking health into consideration, the festival program has been reconfigured based on the changes that the evolution of the global pandemic made necessary.

The first modification was reducing the presence of international artists. Subsequently, given the risk of re-outbreaks, the decision of keeping the 34th Noroeste Estrella Galicia Festival was made, but in a reduced format, XS.

Chords ‘Made in Galicia’

In the 2020 edition, the commitment to the Galician scene was preserved while keeping the performances of artists from this community. Galician bands, and more specifically “coruñesas”, were always present in this event that, this summer, will not miss its stalwarts.

The commitment to the Galaic music scene remains intact at the 34th “Noroeste Estrella Galicia” Festival. From the A Coruña City Council the drive towards economic and social reactivation at the local level is essential, with already consolidated projects that show a positive image of a unique area throughout the Peninsula.

Tribute to Jaime Manso and Nonito Pereira

One of the novelties of this edition lies in the public recognition of two great figures of the A Coruña music scene, much loved in the city and who died last year: Nonito Pereira and Jaime Manso. They will give name to the stages that will host this 34th edition and that will be: the “Plaza de María Pita” and the “Parque de Santa Margarita”.

Thus, a well-deserved tribute is forged for two people who had contemporary music as axes of their life trajectories. Each of them gave neighbors and visitors from A Coruña unforgettable musical moments.

The link with the Noroeste Estrella Galicia Festival is such as strong, in the case of Nonito Pereira, that even the original name of this event (‘Noroeste Pop Rock’) is in the initials of Nonito Pereira Revuelta “NPR”.

34th Edition: The keys

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The 34th “Festival Noroeste Estrella Galicia” is a return to its origins, remaining faithful to its essence: an outdoor and free rock pilgrimage, in which the enjoyment of public and artists to the rhythm of sounds is promoted, having the city of A Coruña as their framework.

In order to carry out this new edition, a model adapted to the current situation is proposed, without losing sight of the objectives of the Festival:

The poster is served, the desire is not lacking, let us respect the protocols and enjoy responsibly the musical experience that this summer is exposed from A Coruña in the middle of #FaseAtlántica: the 34th Noroeste Estrella Galicia.