Laura LaMontagne starts her project with PicoAmperio in July 2019. Her proposal mixes Galician-Portuguese medieval music, hip hop atmosphere and poetry, paying special attention to the works of Martín Códaz, Airas Nunes, Rosalía de Castro or Fernando Pessoa. Soft melodies, vocal loops, marked percussions and scratched atmospheres are the main elements of her artistic expression. With Beatnik’s impulse, her songs show the rage and discomfort of a turbulent journey like life.

During this first year of life, she went through festivals such as Atardeceres en el Gaiás, Agrocuir, Eidos Fest, Cantos na Maré e San Froilán. Laura LaMontagne put the music to the exhibition Galicia. Un relato no mundo. Besides, the artist participated in the musical program FEEEL, of the BETEVé channel of Barcelona, through cycles such as MUBEA in Alhambra (Granada). Moreover, she got the first place in the list 10 Demoscópicos Galaicia-Castilla León 2019 of Mondosonoro. In 2020, her project is one of the finalist in the VII edition of the Premios Martín Códax da Música, in the Urban Music category.


  • 7th AUGUST
  • 20:00 HOURS